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On a streaming platform like Netflix, movies and series you would never have noticed are becoming mega hits again and again. It is the same with ultrabrutal “Furiosis”.


Netflix now publishes the world’s most watched movies and series on its own website on a streaming service every week – and there are always surprising results. When you look at the current numbers, The Polish action thriller “Furioza” is the second most watched film in the world, after the teen drama “The In Between”.

Strange thing: While Netflix pushed the latest movie with “Kissing Booth” Joey King and was (also from our observation) widely praised on many profiles, “Furioza” made it to the top without such support – and that’s pretty impressive. “Furioza” is currently in the top 10 most watched films on Netflix in more than 80 countries. In countries as diverse as Greece, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Serbia, “Furioza” is currently in the first place. 2nd place in almost 40 other countries.

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In Germany, many people have probably never heard of the film. Netflix didn’t even have a German dubbing made for “Furioza”., which is an exception for the streaming service. This is a clear sign that Netflix obviously didn’t trust the film itself, maybe it only won it in a content deal with other productions and therefore “leaned” to its services.

Nevertheless, “Furioza” is slowly finding its followers in our country as well. Finally, an automatic algorithm ensures that a movie that is popular with some people is designed for other people. People in this country are gradually learning about the hooligan action drama, so they even finished seventh in the movie charts.

Like a squirrel among hooligans: This is “Furioza”

The tough action thriller drama focuses on David (Mateusz Banasiuk), who faces a difficult choice. To prevent his brother from going to jail, his ex-girlfriend Dzika (Weronika Ksiazkiewicz), now a policewoman, forces him to immerse himself in the old life he thought he had left. He has to become a hooligan and part of his old gang again so that he can spy on his former friends. But there he encounters distrust. David must prove himself in brutal violence and skirmishes with other hooligan groups.

“Furioza” offers a lot of drama and violent peaks. Like I said, you can now stream the movie on Netflix.

The lack of synchronization and trailer policy shows how little the streaming service itself originally believed in the film. Netflix itself has not published any trailer for distribution and promotion for film websites or YouTube around the world, so we can only offer you a Polish cinema trailer in the original language (the film was released in its homeland in 2021). You can only find the trailer on Netflix itself – as it now has German subtitles – as well as the whole film, which, as I said, is only available with subtitles and not dubbed.

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