The film can hardly be more visually stunning

With Oldboy, Park Chan-wook is melancholy-brutal A masterpiece of revenge filmed, which gave South Korean cinema huge support in popularity in this country as well. In 2013, the director’s first English-language film, shot in the USA, was released.

If you haven’t seen Stoker yet, you can currently stream the movie to Disney + via subscription. * Although this is his first filming in another country, Chan-wook Park is the best in style. The result is a psychological thriller in which almost every shot is a visually stunning work of art Yippee.

Stoker is masterfully staged as an abysmal psychological thriller

Chan-wooka Park’s debut in the USA revolves around India’s Stoker (Mia Wasikowska), who was just 18 years old. After her father dies in a car accident, polite and dirty Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) suddenly enters her life. The more India from his dark attraction the more it attracts, the more it reveals the abysses.

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Stoker – Clip: Steps (German) HD


Prison Break Chief Wentworth Miller’s script is constantly oscillating between a terrifying family drama and a mysterious psychological thriller back and forth. Stoker is supported by various references by Alfred Hitchcock, which Park Chan-wook brilliantly weaves into his production.

The script is clearly dominated by the Korean director, this one maximum effect from each setting out. For example, when Nicole Kidman’s blonde hair, combed up close, flows smoothly into a cornfield, it’s just one picture of countless breathtaking compositions.

Stoker with fantastic shots, creative interweaving and a sophisticated play of colors one of the most stylish insider thriller tips in the last 10 to 15 years. A film that is difficult to describe and must be experienced in all its beauty.

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