New trailer for the continuation of the series with Tito Welliver –

There is new knowledge about the forthcoming return of Harry Bosch aka Titus Welliver. In connection with the announcement of the name change in the American streaming service IMDb TV Amazon Freevee ( reported) published another trailer for “Bosch: Legacy”. It gives a closer look at how the relationship between Harry Bosch and Money Chandler (Mimi Rogers) developed after the case of Carl Rogers. The first season of the “Bosch” sequel begins on Friday, May 6, and the provider was then called Amazon Freevee.

Bosch: Legacy is watching former LAPD detective Harry Bosch in his next phase of a private detective’s life. Along the way, he joins forces with his former enemy, Chief Lawyer Honey “Money” Chandler. His first task takes Bosch to the ailing billionaire Whitney Vance, for whom he has to find his only possible heir. When Bosch examines the family tree in more detail, it reveals a shocking secret that spans several generations.

With Bosch still using old-fashioned investigative tactics, the young technical genius Maurice “Mo” Bassi (Stephen A. Chang) is exactly what he needs in his new job. They both share a love of jazz and justice. At the same time, Maddie (Madison Lintz) follows in her father’s footsteps and joins the LAPD as a patrol officer. She is assigned Reina Vasquez (Denise Sanchez, “The Good Place”), who knows little about entertainment and knows how to make a name for herself.

The new series is again based on the novel by the best-selling author Michael Connelly, more precisely based on “The Wrong Side of Goodbye” from 2016. Eric Overmyer, Tom Bernardo, Henrik Bastin, Pieter Jan act as producers Brugge, Titus Welliver and Zetna Fuentes, who directed the first episode.

Freevee belongs to the Amazon group, but unlike the premium service Prime Video, the streaming provider is financed through advertising. The service wants to come to Germany in 2022 and, according to the latest announcement, should also have “Bosch: Legacy” in its luggage.

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