About Us

Tilde Noticias is a news website and publisher of local editions in Durham, NCPortland, OR and Miami, FL. We publish articles on topics that include local, national and international politics, immigration and more. Tilde aims to connect with the Latino world through thoughtful analysis of current events rather than sensationalism.


  • Publishers

    • Amanda and Maxi Benbassat
      • Maxi has a degree in International Studies from Loyola University in Chicago and has more than ten years of experience in advertising sales and planning. Amanda majored in Spanish Language and Literature at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, and works as an independent certified health care interpreter and translation proofreader. They married in 2013 and launched tildenoticias.com in 2015 with the intention to serve as a reliable source of news in Spanish. Since then, the online site has expanded, and now Tilde Noticias also publishes editions in Portland, Oregon; Durham, North Carolina; and Miami, Florida, where it explores local as well as national and international topics. In June 2017, Maxi and Amanda had their first child, Octavio.
  • Editors

    • María González Chaves
      • María got her degree in Literature Theory and Comparative Literature at Complutense University in Madrid in 2002; that same year she moved to Venice for a doctorate program at Ca' Foscari University. Since then, her career has been tied to Spanish, first as a teacher, then as an editor and proofreader. She has edited novels, essays, textbooks and magazines of many varying subjects. She currently lives with her family in London.
    • Doriam del C. Reyes Mendoza
      • Doriam has a Masters in Spanish Linguistics and is a professional editor of Spanish texts. She has worked for different publishers in Mexico and recently in the United States as well. She specializes in editing humanities and social science texts, journalistic articles, and environmental and ecological conservation materials. She is part of a bird-watching club in the city where she lives and is interested in promoting awareness on caring for nature and protecting animals.
  • Journalists

    • Iralee Acosta
      • Iralee has a degree in Spanish Language and Literature with a minor in Political Science. She is certified in Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language. She has a Masters Degree in Education as a reading specialist, and is also a translator, editor, and teacher. She is committed to working with immigrants and refugees, appreciating the hard work and sacrifices they make in order to travel to a new country looking for a better future. As a writer for Tilde Noticias, she strives to inform readers with truthful news, bringing them the professional, quality work they expect.
    • David Guzmán Fonseca
      • David is an economist from the University of the Andes in Colombia, with a Masters from Georgetown University in the United States. He has worked as a researcher on social and economic topics in both countries and has also worked as a consultant for the Colombian government, in particular, helping to craft public policy on social inclusion, poverty and reconciliation. He is especially interested in the impact of rhetoric on public opinion and political behavior.
    • Cristina Jácome
      • Cristina has been a part of Tilde Noticias since its launch in 2015. She writes about immigration, culture, national and international politics, human rights and the Latino world. She worked for Senator Kay Hagan in North Carolina for six years, handling immigration, State Department and international relations matters. She lived in Pennsylvania and North Carolina during sixteen years, and has now returned to live in Ecuador, her native country.
    • Francisco Machalskys
      • Francisco is a writer, translator and editor from Caracas, Venezuela. He is a fanatic of nature, justice, and gender equality, and defends any way of thinking that doesn't attack personal responsible freedom. He edits the flash fiction blog cuentoexpress.wordpress.com.
    • Camila Ogallar
      • Camila is Argentinian expatriate currently living in France. Married with two children, she curious about nature and the author of the blog Con vos a todas partes ("Everywhere with you"). She has won several literary awards and is also a social communicator.
    • Ana Stollavagli
      • Ana has known that she wanted to be a journalist since she was learning to read and write. She studied at Instituto Grafotécnico and in the School of Philosophy and Language Arts at the University of Buenos Aires. While in Argentina, she worked for nearly three decades for two of the main news networks as well as Radio Nacional and in graphic media. A change in leadership led her to the United States, where she was practically reborn. Today she writes for Tilde Noticias and Univision Network, produces radio content with her fellow Argentinian colleague Mercedes Marti, teaches Spanish to children and adults, and enjoys life from her corner of the world, doing much of what she loves.
  • Designer

    • Martín Joya
      • Martín is a graphic designer and animator from Argentina. He studied graphic design at Santo Tomás de Aquino University in Tucumán, Argentina, finishing his studies in 2007. He worked independently from 2006 until 2012 and now operates his own design agency (agenciasintagma.com.ar). He has served clients in more than seven countries around the world, and his specialties are business branding, packaging and 2D and 3D animation. He is passionate about his profession and about offering quality service to his clients.

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