“A farmer seeks a wife” announces something surprising

Inka Bause can be seen here with Nils and Vanessa, who have come out of the couple format.

Inka Bause can be seen here with Nils and Vanessa, who have come out of the couple format.Picture: RTL / friese.tv/Andreas Friese

Easter Monday is the starting signal for the new season “Bauer sucht Frau”, because on this day presenter Inka Bause presents the future contestants who will go in search of their great love in the 18th season. In the previous season, three couples found their romantic happiness in the finale. These included suckler cow breeders Nils and his Vanessa. It is now clear that the two are still together and are already planning the next step, as RTL has now revealed.

Vanessa and Nils are also after

Vanessa and Nils are also happy after “Bauer sucht Frau”.Picture: RTL / friese.tv/Andreas Friese

Vanessa and Nils get married

Now it has been announced that Nils and Vanessa are getting married. The two will talk about it in detail in the special issue “What’s Happening in the Courts?” express on Sunday. In an interview with RTL, Vanessa recounted this special moment in her life: “Nils proposed to me while I was on vacation and I was very, very happy to accept him.” By the way, the couple have been in a long-distance relationship for six months. It has not yet been announced if the two will end up moving in together after their engagement.

Organic farmers Matthias and Sabrina have already taken this step. “It’s wonderful that she’s here now, we’re starting the day together. I feel very comfortable with her.”, he revealed to the broadcaster. Sabrina has opened a beauty salon in the nearby town where they live. However, that wasn’t the only news, as another “Bauer sucht Frau” couple actually had offspring.

In 2013, Steffen and Nicole met and fell in love on the show. Now they have become parents to their daughter Lisa. Inka Bause has already been allowed to see the baby and shared a cute snap of it on her Instagram profile. To this she wrote: “We just went to see Steffen and Nicole to visit the baby. Little Lisa is so cute! A good distraction for me in these times – maybe for you too. More on that soon.”


The rumor is swirling again! Last August, the newspaper “Bild” reported an alleged separation between Cathy and Mats Hummels. There was also talk of a divorce – the newspaper wanted to know about it from football circles.

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